We’re delighted to announce that the speaker for the first Brian Hammett Memorial Talk is to be Julia Jones, and bookings are now open.

Julia is a well-known local author and sailor – she is the present owner of Ransome’s Peter Duck. Her talk is entitled “Racundra, Peter Duck, Avola: unwilling to accept a final resting place” and will combine a tribute to Brian with reflections on his (and Ransome’s) boats.

The (UPDATED) event details are as follows:

On Friday 18th September at the Royal Harwich Yacht Club – the doors (and bar) open at 6:00pm. The Talk starts at 6:30pm, and the optional Dinner at 8:00pm. Tickets are £10 for the Talk only, or £25 for the Talk plus Dinner (while available).

Booking details are as follows:

Booking is via the Royal Harwich website via the following links – just follow the on-page instructions:

Talk only (£10): https://www.royalharwichyachtclub.co.uk/booking/2702

Talk and Dinner (£25): https://www.royalharwichyachtclub.co.uk/booking/2705

Brian Hammett